A Bold Tradition Of Enterprise


The Blandford name has represented service, innovation, and fortitude for centuries.

From the ancient Blandford family seat in Dorset that predates the Norman conquest of England, to the Royal Navy frigate HMS Blandford commissioned in 1741, to the Battle of Blandford in the American Revolution, there is no question that the Blandfords are deeply rooted in history.

Today, Blandford International carries this noble tradition into the 21st century by collaborating with exceptional entrepreneurs in order to turn dreams into profitable businesses.

Unlike a conventional tech incubator, Blandford International focuses on tangible products and services. Existing partnerships include a restaurant, a film production company, and an aquaponics research lab.

South Carolina State Guard

Blandford International is a proud supporter of the SC State Guard. When natural or man-made disasters strike, the South Carolina State Guard quickly responds to protect people and property, and to help communities recover. The Guard provides assistance across all of SC's 46 counties, acting as early responders to provided immediate boots on the ground.

The State Guard enjoys a rich history that stretches back to the volunteer citizen-militia which was formed at Charles Towne with the first settlers in 1670. During WWII with much of the S.C National Guard deployed overseas, the S.C. Defense Force (now the State Guard) was established for service at home.