Blandford International Team Company On "Shark Tank"

EDN Tech, a Blandford International team company, will be featured on ABC's entrepreneur reality show "Shark Tank," on February 17, 2017.

EDN Tech's "SmallGarden" product is a beautiful and intelligent indoor garden. The technology takes complete care of your plant's health, and the seed pods are dirt-free, so there's no mess to clean up. Completely self-contained, the SmallGarden's automated LED lights provide your plants with the light spectrum your greens need to thrive while sensors determine your plants' ideal moisture levels.

Manufactured from sustainably harvested wood from Oregon and extruded aluminum from Texas, the SmallGarden is built to the highest quality and design standards. Each unit is carefully handcrafted and assembled in Denver, Colorado.

The SmallGarden is available for purchase from the EDN website.